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PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:30 am 
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By default ClickTale doesn't support caching HTML content of POST pages. This is by design to prevent "double submits" of your forms and to eliminate potential side-effects.

A POST page is a page that processes the submit of a HTML form. Not all HTML forms submit to a POST page, some submit to a GET page (where field data is sent in the URL). If you can change your form to submit the data via GET then you can easily fix this issue with your page.
Another easy solution is to process the POST and then redirect to a GET url.

Normally what would happen is that ClickTale will record all the client side activity correctly but the caching of the HTML content will fail. As a result you might see one of the following symptoms:
  • An error dialog during playback, there will usually be a blue exclamation icon near the row of the recording.
  • A blank playback frame.
  • Wrong content shown in playback frame.

This happens because when ClickTale attempts to cache the page it will do a regular GET request to your server, expecting to get an answer. You, however, will be expecting the parameters from the form and will be willing to take some action such as adding something to the db or sending an email.

There are several possible solutions:
  • Install one of our ClickTale Integration Modules. Currently there are ones for ASP.NET, PHP and Ruby On Rails (ROR).
  • Change your FORM to use the GET method. This is only good if your form does no processing with side effects, such as creating records, accounts or sending emails. This is only good for forms with small amount of simple fields, as field values will be shown in the URL
  • Change your POST processing page to redirect to a GET page once processing is done. This is instead of rendering the success/error information in the POST processing page. Great option for "thank you for..." pages, etc'.
  • Create a static HTML page that contains the same content of the POST page and use the ClickTaleFetchFrom instruction to make ClickTale fetch the page from that location. Minor differences between the static HTML page and the actual content are ok.
  • Use ClickTaleUploadPage API method. This is good for short pages. Start at: search.php?keywords=clicktaleuploadpage&submit=Search
  • Implement custom handling in your code to support your specific design. See example at viewtopic.php?f=5&t=187

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