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What are ClickTale Events?

Please Note: ClickTale Events are only available to paid subscribers, as noted on our pricing page (under "Behavioral Tracking").

Events are a way of marking visitors that interacted with specific site elements or links. You can add Event Tags to site elements and links in your site or links leading to your site (such as an adwords link or a link in an email).

Once a visitor interacts with a tagged element, they are marked with the Event. This will allow you to segment your visitors based on what they interacted with.

The following are typical situations where events may be added to recordings:
  1. On page load - if the visitor is recognized as a registered customer
  2. When a visitor submits a form such as a contact form
  3. When a visitor is purchasing products worth $100 or more
  4. When there is an error
  5. When a visitor arrives to your site from a marketing campaign

Events are used to analyze a website by identifying visitors with either specific interactions or took part in business processes. In your ClickTale reports, you can:
  1. Segment visitor recordings based on interactions using our Search tool and Events filter
  2. Produce a list of all recorded Event Tags, and sort them by popularity
  3. View each recording's tags along with all other recording properties

There is no limit on the number of events you can add in your pages. An Events tag's length is limited to 255 ASCII characters including spaces.

How Do I Add a ClickTale Event?
If you want to add an Event for visitors that visited http://domain/page with the tag "SEM", change the link leading to the page or the page’s URL to http://domain/page?ct=t(SEM) or to http://domain/page#ct=t(SEM). Similarly, if the page has parameters, change the link from http://domain/page?param=x to http://domain/page?param=x&ct=t(SEM) or to http://domain/page?param=x#ct=t(SEM).

Another, more versatile way of adding an event to a specific page or business event, is to include the following ClickTale JavaScript function call:

where <Event> is any valid JavaScript string that best describes the page or a specific event. For example, to add an Event tag to the interaction of submitting a login form, you should add something similar to:
<form action="" method="post" onsubmit="if(validate(this)) {ClickTaleTag(' LoginFormSubmitted’); ">
<input type=...

when the form is submitted, as in:
<form ... onsubmit="ClickTaleTag('LoginFormSubmitted'); ..." ... >

or, you can "personalize" the event:
<form ... onsubmit="ClickTaleTag('LoginFormSubmitted:' + UserName); ..." ... >

where UserName is a JavaScript variable holding the submitting user name.

Note that if your onsubmit attribute uses single quotes, then you would need to use double quotes inside the ClickTaleTag function to implement correct nested quotes.

It is recommended to wrap the call with a check of existence as the function declaration resides in an external JavaScript file. The best would be to write your own wrapper function like this:
function AddClickTaleTag(Tag)
    if (window.ClickTaleTag)
        // optionally do something to log this failure, but avoid disrupting the page flow

You can tag a page by adding the following code (with its own unique Event name) below the ClickTale tracking code:
<!-- Set Clicktale Tag -->
   <script type="text/javascript">
      if(typeof ClickTaleTag=="function")
<!-- End Clicktale Tag -->

ClickTale Events in Subscriber Area

Recordings Table

events recordings.png
events recordings.png [ 185.12 KiB | Viewed 10496 times ]

The column Events is a comma-separated list of all events included in each recording.

Events Report

top events.png
top events.png [ 119.07 KiB | Viewed 10474 times ]

The report can be sorted by each column, in particular the Occurrences column.

Search Form

events filter.png
events filter.png [ 117.33 KiB | Viewed 10476 times ]

Event search criteria can include selected events.

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If you want to call the ClickTaleTag function in order to create an event, and you want to use it before the ClickTale script (referenced in the bottom part of the tracking code) is available, buffer the calls to the function:
var ClickTaleTagBuffer = [];
function BufferedClickTaleTag(tag) {
  if(typeof ClickTaleTag == "function") {
  } else {
setTimeout(function() {
  if(typeof ClickTaleTag == "function") {
    for(var i = 0; i <= ClickTaleTagBuffer.length; i++) {
  } else {
     setTimeout(arguments.callee, 100);
}, 100);

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